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Sistah, Reclaim Your Image!

Hot to Healed Self-Help Journal (Print)

Hot to Healed Self-Help Journal (Print)

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Go on a self-guided journal journey of exploring your traumas, discovering the ultimate power in your femininity, and preparing yourself to achieve your goals and ambitions. Over 100 JOURNAL ENTRIES to guide the Conversation with Yourself and God about who you are and who you desire to be:

  • Refinding your Light & Re-establishing Your Purpose
  • Studying the Ancient Feminine & How You Connect to Her
  • Defining the Type of Woman you are and Who you want to be
  • Becoming Modestly Sexy & Finding Your Style
  • Letting Go of Negative Influences
  • Establishing your Economic & Financial Legacy 
  • Treating Your Body Like a Temple
  • Embracing Your Continuous Growth
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